About EER

“A branded philosophy and structure created to raise the human potential through activism themed on mental health, quality of education and publishing services.”

Empowerment, Emancipation, and Rehabilitation are the three words that encompass Yann’s social missions, activism and personal philosophy on life. They are the three terms that come together define his impact as an influencer in all the work that he has achieved around the world.

Through his work, he defines the following terms as:

Empowerment – Giving yourself your power and voice back.

Emancipation – Freeing yourself from you and the system.

Rehabilitation – Putting you back your rightful place in order for you to evolve in your own way.

E.E.R as a philosophy, structure and leadership concept operates in a multiple of capacities:

1. OYOMIFAI, the I am Happy Project:

 -The OYOMIFAI curriculum that Yann developed 8 years ago and that impacts in 4 countries around the world. The current project impacting in Ivory Coast with its latest project ‘From the Bottom Up’ Raising aspirations for underachieving pupils.

– Yann’s activism for quality of education – campaigning with ministries of education for the cornerstone of aspirational education to be upheld in many governmental school settings.

– Yann’s academic research revolving around the correlation between child achievement, mental wellbeing, and aspiration, this in partnership with the University of Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

2. SunBird Journal Publishing

SunBird Journal publishing house was created in order to celebrate the human experience. It provides an array of literature that enables to add value to our reader’s mental wellness.

3. Africanist mental health campaign

As a spokesperson for male mental health, Yann’s aim is to rehabilitate men in their struggle. To share strategies and prevention mechanisms, dive into the spiritual and social aspect of how they can head towards a reconstructive approach to mental wellness. Watch our for his events in 2019.

4. Grey Areas Journal:

Grey Areas is Sunbird journal publishing house’s quarterly release, it is a platform for creative and intellectual platforms that features an array of multicultural contributors who share their expertise on different subjects that add value to their readers. It is a powerful way to emancipate, empower readers with knowledge and perspectives.